Wednesday, February 15, 2017

So it Seems I’ve Missed A Lot

Call of the search party ladies and gentleman, I’m alive and it seems like I’ve missed a lot since I’ve been gone. I don’t really have a good excuse for why I was gone. I mean I was busy but I’ve kind of always been busy since we started this blog now over five years ago. I have a lot going on but my son is about to be seven and my youngest is now three so I’ve always kind of had a lot going on. I’ve always loved to write and interact with as many people as I could about the New York Yankees and I still thoroughly enjoy doing it. I’m tired but I’ve always been tired. I was burned out but I’ve been burned out probably throughout the entire 2016 regular season if I’m being honest. I don’t know what happened. Just one day I stopped checking news, I stopped updating the blog and I stopped getting on social media.

I stopped doing the Twitter thing. I stopped doing the Facebook thing. I stopped answering or even checking my non-work related emails. I completely checked out. It was a hell of a break and it was a much needed break from life and society but I think I can say with some certainty that I’m back and it seems like I’ve missed a lot.

Chris Carter is a Yankee. Brandon Phillips is a Brave. The league wants to change extra innings and pace of play rules again. The Yankees are in on Travis Wood, and now they aren’t. The Yankees are suddenly REALLY right-handed and so much more. Let’s get caught back up and let’s get back to work, shall we?


  1. Daniel, good to see you're back, and more importantly, that all is well. I was always astonished by how much you post on the greedy pinstripes, but that comes at the expense of your sanity. Maybe schedule a 2 week hiatus every couple of months (in addition to the curveballs of life) that way you constantly get rejuvenated.

    I think Patrick just did his final polar bear plunge in the Atlantic. Props to him, I did it once and that was enough. Patrick, are you getting prepared to open up shop for spring?

    I haven't been posting much as well. In part, I have an amazon firestick so I've been watching Celtics ballin' way more often. Those are my two main sports. The two longest, of course.

    But I've been busy. Yesterday, I went for inspection for a house for my girlfriend, or soon to be fiance- hope to be in contract Friday. And then I picked up an engagement ring yesterday afternoon. So it's been a exhausting process. Very exciting, of course, but I'm shot at the end of the days lol.

  2. Daryl, my dude, congratulations sir! So happy for you!


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