Friday, March 10, 2017

Didi Gregorius, Team Israel and WBC Updates on WBC Day for Team USA

The World Baseball Classic is in full swing for many countries and teams but today is the day that Tea, USA begins their push towards their first WBC Championship with a first round matchup with Team Columbia (which I believe is already under way but don’t quote me on that). With Team USA’s pursuit of the WBC crown finally underway I wanted to take a look around the WBC and see what feel-good stories and Yankees related material I could find to bring to the blog this afternoon and I found a couple key notes regarding Team Netherlands and Team Israel.

Team Netherlands and Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius improved to 2-0 in Pool A and advanced to the second round of the World Baseball Classic. Team Israel, which seem to be the feel-good story of the World Baseball Classic thus far, are also 2-0. Both teams are headed to Tokyo for second round play while South Korea and Taiwan will not. Didi is Team Netherlands designated hitter currently, thank goodness, and contributed to his team advancing with three doubles including the game-tying RBI hit in the eighth inning for his third run batted in for the contest.

There’s plenty more of WBC Baseball to go, plenty of opportunity for some feel-good news and plenty of time for the New York Yankees players to represent their respective countries on the biggest stage possible.

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