Friday, March 10, 2017

In the Latest “Who Gives A F--- But It’s Still News for Whatever Reason” Segment

In my last post I had made a small comment about journalism. I didn’t get into much detail because I feel like I’ve said this a million times but for the million and first time here it is again. I hate journalism as a whole and journalism is pretty much why I began writing as much, on the scale and as passionately as I do. Journalism downright pisses me off because journalist will take anything and turn it into this full blown story and for one reason and one reason only. Money. Clicks on their websites, to keep their posh jobs at the New York Post and steal information from lower blog sites who report deals first only to pass it on as their own and then in turn block you when you ask (not demand) for some recognition, to sell newspapers or whatever the case may be. It’s the same recycled horse crap over and over again with a few words changed here or this stated a different way there and it’s annoying. It’s time to stop. Hence why we do what we do here on The Greedy Pinstripes but every once in a while I just get aggravated at the constant reminders of why I am here speaking to you today.

Example. Apparently former Yankees DH and third baseman Alex Rodriguez is dating television star and musician Jennifer Lopez. Last I checked, and when I say checked I mean I turned on the radio and the DJ was dishing about the latest celebrity gossip and I listened as I looked for music on my phone to listen to, Lopez was dating fellow musician Drake but I guess these things never last. Anyway, the couple are reportedly “excited” and “happy” about being together and seem to be “into each other” despite only being together “for a few weeks.” My thoughts…. Who cares? Let people be happy and leave them alone. If they want to be together, let them. This life is too short to not find your own happiness.

People over money people. Irresponsible journalism sucks and in the words of our President Donald Trump it makes you “fake news.” So just stop it. 

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  1. Eh people like to obsess over other's lives rather than worry about truly important things. Like Yankee baseball ;)


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