Friday, March 31, 2017

I’m Hungry: The Texas Rangers Two-Foot Long Tamale Dog

You guys know how the start of every year goes. New Years Resolutions are thrown out there, although I never participate myself, diets are gone on and people try to change. By around March or April they are back in their stretchy pants and they are back to being the person that they always were and were always meant to be, and that’s not an insult or meant as a bad thing. I just truly believe you are who you are and you shouldn’t fight that or want to change that for anyone. Anyway, before I get too off topic and ramble on I’ll digress and agree to disagree. What also comes around on the blog right around this time of the year are these amazing new dishes and foods that you can get at the ballpark that make you want to take that new, healthy and dieting you and throw them off a cliff. The Texas Rangers two-foot long tamale dog is just that.

At Globe Life Park this season the Texas Rangers will be selling a 24-inchg tamale filled hot dog. The tamale filled hot dog will be covered in chili and nacho cheese and will set you back a whopping $27, but really that’s going to feed like a family of four if we are being honest or two really REALLY hungry people.

Texas will also be selling “Texas Snowballs” this season which are essentially shredded brisket covered in funnel cake batter that is fried and topped with powdered sugar. I love brisket and who doesn’t love a funnel cake? Road trip anyone?

And now that you’re drooling and hungry again just a few hours after your lunch break my job here is done. Have a great day everyone and stay strong to those who are serious about getting healthy and losing weight and/or changing their lives for the better. I know I joked about it earlier but I truly think people can do whatever they set their mind to as long as they are doing it for all the right reasons. Go you!

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