Tuesday, March 21, 2017

This Day in New York Yankees History 3/21: Robin Roberts #36

On this day in 1962 in a ceremony prior to a spring training game the Phillies honored the newest Yankee, and former Philadelphia player, Robin Roberts by retiring his number 36 uniform number. Roberts wore the number for 14 seasons while with the Phillies and started the game against his former team giving up four runs in three innings. Roberts, the future Hall of Fame right hander would get the win in a 13-10 Yankees victory.

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  1. Robin Roberts...
    This guy could have had a much better win/loss record if he hadn't had an aversion to hitting a better now and then! Even at that, some guys did get hit, because they dove into the ball
    Hitters would dig in against him, because of his control/command of all his pitches...they knew if the ball looked too far inside they need not worry much about being hit.
    He was an outlander in as much as he wouldn't hit a batter, whereas, at that time in history, the pitchers would throw at you (most of the time, Hight and inside) and they had good careers making the hitters move their feet.


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