Friday, April 7, 2017

Derek Jeter the Potential Owner!

Major League Baseball, are you ready for the return (potentially) of the great Derek Jeter to the game? No the Yankees shortstop is not returning to the field as a player but the future Hall of Fame player is trying to get back into the game in another way, as an owner. The Miami Marlins are reportedly up for bid and Derek and his wife Hannah are one of three potential bidders for the franchise.

Jeter, who is represented by Gregory Fleming in the potential transaction, is joined by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and a group of businessmen from Goldman Sachs as potential buyers for the franchise.

Jeffrey Loria bought the team back in 2002 for a whopping $158 million and the potential price tag for Mr. Jeter or Mr. Bush could go anywhere from an estimated $800,000 to $1.6 billion. Loria is putting the team up for sale after reports came out that stated he may be nominated by President Trump to become ambassador for the United States to France.

You know what I am going to say to the potential return of Derek Jeter to the sport and game we all love. Yes please. I’m rooting for you Jeter! Good luck. 

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