Friday, April 7, 2017

I’m Hungry: New Stadium Food at Yankee Stadium

So we covered some stadium food around the league already this winter including the tamale dog that the Texas Rangers organization will be rolling out this season but we have yet to touch on the new dishes that you can enjoy this season at Yankee Stadium. We right that wrong today as we take a look at the new stadium food that you can enjoy all year long in the Bronx. Take a look.

Yankee Stadium is bringing in Mighty Quinn’s BBQ, Bareburger and Lobel’s to go along with their six new social gatherings that were renovated into the stadium this winter. Those menus can be found online but they are pretty well known in the area so I doubt you will need to. You know what these big “star” vendors bring to the table each and every day, literally.

New York also has the Yankee Dinger which is basically a grilled slider topped with shaved white onions, pickles, American cheese and yellow mustard on a steamed potato bun as well as their classic French Dip sandwich which consists of shaved prime rib, caramelized onions and melted Swiss cheese on a Semolina roll dipped in French onion soup. I just gained three pounds just thinking about that sandwich. If you’re looking for gluten free options you can find those at Melissa’ Farmers Market but my personal preference would be Chinese bao which is filled with pork belly, prime rib or buffalo cauliflower which can be found on the Toyota Terrace. I have a weakness for pork belly.

It’s hard to turn down The Mutz though which is a concession sandwich shop whose specialty sandwich consists of stuffed chunks of mozzarella tossed with mixed vegetables. Because vegetables are good for you and all.

So much good food and so much to see inside Yankee Stadium this season… where to begin? 

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