Tuesday, May 16, 2017

So it Seems the Yankees Suck on their “Days”

Boy, the New York Yankees have made it a habit of losing on all these special events and days that they hold at the stadium don’t they? It’s becoming a trend more than a coincidence at this point and it’s a scary precedent that I don’t like being set. Let’s look at recent “days” at Yankee Stadium and their success rates. What does this mean in the long run? Absolutely nothing but it is still fun to take a look at regardless.

Derek Jeter Day – 5/14/17
10-7 loss to the Houston Astros

Jorge Posada Day – 8/22/15
6-2 victory over the Cleveland Indians

Bernie Williams Day – 5/24/15
5-2 loss to the Texas Rangers

Joe Torre Day – 8/23/14
5-3 victory over the Chicago White Sox

Paul O’Neill Day – 8/9/14
3-0 loss to the Cleveland Indians

Andy Pettitte Day – 9/23/13

4-3 loss to the Cleveland Indians

Tino Martinez Day – 6/21/14

6-1 loss to the Baltimore Orioles


  1. That is exactly what I told my friend Sunday night.
    Maybe it is a curse for charging all that extra for tickets and spsecial merchandise.
    Roy White deserves special recognition if you give Tino and Paul O'Niel nights.

    1. Absolutely agree on Roy White. I may even write an article about that actually. If I do you will get full credit!


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