Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Every Significant Brian Cashman Trade

With the July 31st trade deadline looming it only seems fitting for the blog to cover Brian Cashman and his resume in the trade market. I will tell you that Cashman has made some clunkers when it comes to trades but he has also come out on the right side of things more times than many would like to admit or imagine as well. With that in mind let’s look at every, in my opinion anyway, significant trade that Cashman has made since taking over as the team’s GM in 1998 and determine if we should be worried or excited as fans about this season’s July 31st trade deadline. Remember, history is always an indicator of the future.

July 52002 in a 3 team trade sent Ted LillyJason Arnold and John-Ford Griffin to the Oakland Athletics for Jeff Weaver from the Detroit Tigers

May 162009 traded Eric Hacker to PIT N for Romulo Sanchez

August 12016 traded Carlos Beltran to the Texas Rangers for Nick GreenErik Swanson and Dillon Tate

And you can now include yesterday's trade with the Chicago White Sox that brought in Tommy Kahnle, David Robertson and Todd Frazier to the Bronx for Tyler Clippard, Ian Clarkin, Blake Rutherford and Tito Polo.

Leave your thoughts below in the comments section. Source credit goes to Baseball Reference.

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