Saturday, July 8, 2017

Yankees & Mets Have Discussed Lucas Duda Deal

It doesn’t happen often but it could happen in 2017. What am I talking about? The New York Yankees and the New York Mets hooking up for a deal before the July 31st trading deadline. This season it may happen as the Mets and the Yankees have been reportedly at least discussing a deal that would send first baseman Lucas Duda across town from Queens to the Bronx.

Since 1962, the Mets first season in Major League Baseball there have only been 16 transactions between the two clubs so what will need to happen for the 17th transaction to happen? The Mets will need to be reasonable in their asking price for the lefty-swinging Duda. Mets GM Sandy Alderson will have to understand that he is not going to get a Clint Frazier, a Chance Adams or a Gleyber Torres for a rental like Duda although a package involving one of Albert Abreu, Drew Finley or Zack Littell could be a good starting point for both clubs.

Sure, the Mets are likely moving him with the intention of rebuilding but Duda is not the type of player you trade to jumpstart a rebuild. That type of player is Yoenis Cespedes when healthy and effective. The Mets need to keep this in mind when sitting down at the negotiating table with Cashman.

At this point this is nothing more than a rumor and with that nothing more than speculation has occurred. Stay tuned as this develops, if it even develops. 

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