Thursday, August 24, 2017

Looking at the Remaining Yankees Schedule for 2017

With the latest series all but in the books for the New York Yankees I wanted to take a quick opportunity to look at the Yankees remaining schedule for the 2017 season. In basic terms it looks like the Yankees have a clear shot to the postseason if they play up to the level that they are capable of playing but as we all know, you can’t predict baseball. Shout out to Baseball Reference for their awesome table and image below.

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm Opp RA
127Friday, Aug 25NYYSEA7:05
128Saturday, Aug 26NYYSEA1:05
129Sunday, Aug 27NYYSEA1:05
130Monday, Aug 28NYYCLE7:05
131Tuesday, Aug 29NYYCLE7:05
132Wednesday, Aug 30NYYCLE1:05
133Thursday, Aug 31NYYBOS7:05
134Friday, Sep 1NYYBOS7:05
135Saturday, Sep 2NYYBOS1:05
136Sunday, Sep 3NYYBOS8:05
137Monday, Sep 4NYY@BAL1:35
138Tuesday, Sep 5NYY@BAL7:05
139Wednesday, Sep 6NYY@BAL7:05
140Friday, Sep 8NYY@TEX8:05
141Saturday, Sep 9NYY@TEX8:05
142Sunday, Sep 10NYY@TEX3:05
143Monday, Sep 11NYY@TBR7:10
144Tuesday, Sep 12NYY@TBR7:10
145Wednesday, Sep 13NYY@TBR7:10
146Thursday, Sep 14NYYBAL7:05
147Friday, Sep 15NYYBAL7:05
148Saturday, Sep 16NYYBAL4:05
149Sunday, Sep 17NYYBAL1:05
Gm# Date Tm Opp
150Monday, Sep 18NYYMIN7:05
151Tuesday, Sep 19NYYMIN7:05
152Wednesday, Sep 20NYYMIN1:05
153Friday, Sep 22NYY@TOR7:07
154Saturday, Sep 23NYY@TOR1:07
155Sunday, Sep 24NYY@TOR1:07
156Monday, Sep 25NYYKCR1:05
157Tuesday, Sep 26NYYTBR7:05
158Wednesday, Sep 27NYYTBR7:05
159Thursday, Sep 28NYYTBR7:05
160Friday, Sep 29NYYTOR1:05
161Saturday, Sep 30NYYTOR4:05
162Sunday, Oct 1NYYTOR3:05
Gm# Date Tm Opp

There are definitely some winnable series here in my opinion for New York including the upcoming series with the Seattle Mariners (3 times) , the Baltimore Orioles (7 times) and Texas Rangers (3 times) series, the Toronto Blue Jays (6 times) and Tampa Bay Rays series (6 times) and the Minnesota Twins series (3 games). The only tough, again on paper so keep that in mind, series for New York that are left are the final four games with the Boston Red Sox August 31- September 3 and the Cleveland Indians series which follows the three-game set with the Mariners this weekend. Now I’m not saying the Yankees will win the division because of this “easy” schedule remaining but the team can definitely secure at least a Wild Card spot in my opinion if they play well.

Agree? Disagree? Leave both below in the comments section. Thank you!

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