Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pinstriped Prospects Top 50 MiLB Midseason Prospects

I know I have said this a million times here on this blog but that is only because I have zero issue giving credit where credit is due and credit is definitely due to Robert Pimpsner and his entire staff over at Pinstriped Prospects. Those guys do a great job every single day with covering the various farm systems, affiliates and players from the New York Yankees and they are an excellent resource and source for all things Yankees prospects. They are definitely bookmarked on my Google Chrome and I fully suggest they should be on yours too so you don’t miss out on spectacular posts like their Top 50 MiLB Midseason Prospects list that was released this week. Check it out on Pinstriped

If you want to see the full write-up and full list from the guys over there then head to their site and check it out. They deserve the views and the clicks for all their hard work and I highly encourage you do so because there is so much information on this post alone. For the sake of this post though I am going to simply list PP’s Top 10 Yankees prospects for your informational purposes only. Enjoy and leave your thoughts and comments in the comments section below.

1.       Gleyber Torres
2.       Estevan Florial
3.       Clint Frazier
4.       Domingo Acevedo
5.       Chance Adams
6.       Tyler Wade
7.       Justus Sheffield
8.       Wilkerman Garcia
9.       Albert Abreu
10.   Thairo Estrada

I am not sure I could personally put Garcia, Abreu and Estrada above Clarke Schmidt (yes I get the Tommy John surgery concerns), Matt Sauer and Miguel Andujar but that is half the fun in these lists. Opinions and objectivity. Plus you all know how I feel about Tyler Wade so… 

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