Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Who Should Pass Through Waivers, Who Would Be Claimed & Who Isn’t Worth the Trouble?

So now you know how the August waiver trade system works but do you know who the Yankees could conceivably trade, move through waivers and who the team needs to just keep safe at home? Just in case you don’t I have compiled a hypothetical list from the Yankees current 25-man roster breaking down who could and should be passed through waivers with the hopes and possibilities of trading them, who would  likely be claimed if placed on waivers and who isn’t even worth the paperwork to put on waivers for various reasons. Emphasis on the word hypothetical, people.

Can and likely will pass through waivers:

Matt Holliday
Chase Headley
Jacoby Ellsbury
CC Sabathia
Masahiro Tanaka
Jaime Garcia
Starlin Castro (on disabled list but I included him anyway even though he isn’t active)
Todd Frazier
Aroldis Chapman
Adam Warren
David Robertson
Ronald Torreyes
Austin Romine / Kyle Higashioka
Chasen Shreve
Garrett Cooper

Likely to be claimed if placed on waivers:

Didi Gregorius
Jordan Montgomery
Brett Gardner
Dellin Betances
Tommy Kahnle
Chad Green
Tyler Wade

Don’t waste your time placing them on waivers:

Gary Sanchez
Aaron Judge
Luis Severino
Clint Frazier

Remember that teams pass players through waivers all throughout the month whether they have any intention of moving them or not. It’s more of a procedural thing than anything else. Also keep in mind that just because a team claims a player on waivers, and you won’t always hear about it either, it doesn’t mean they have any interest in acquiring them or that they will acquire them. The Red Sox will claim players to keep them away the Yankees. The Yankees will claim players to keep them from the Astros. So on and so forth. It’s just the way this whole month goes. It gets really complicated and really watered down with the news in my opinion but deals do get done during this month. You will just have to stay tuned to see if any get done this month for the New York Yankees.

Prepare the Cashman! Thoughts, comments and opinions below in the comments section. Thanks!

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