Thursday, September 21, 2017

Looking Back at TGP’s 2017 Predictions: The Rookies of the Year

The Rookie of the Year Award is another tough one to predict before the beginning of a season because there are so many unknown variables to this thing. Will a team call up their top prospect in time to qualify or get enough games under his belt to surpass say a prospect on a rebuilding team who had the entire season to play? Will an injury thrust a player who was not expected to get a call up before the All-Star Break or September call ups thus giving this player a shot to make noise at the Major League level? So many variables, not enough answers so I feel like I bombed these predictions a bit, but not by all that much.

Aaron Judge will likely win the American League Rookie of the Year Award, and no I did not see him pushing 45-50 home runs at the end of his rookie campaign so you will have to excuse me for his omission, while Cody Bellinger, another guy who seemingly came out of nowhere with the power bat, will likely win it in the National League. Benintendi will likely finish second in the AL vote though giving me a little credibility while Tyler Glasnow…. Yeah let’s not talk about that.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

TGP 2017 MLB Predictions: Rookies of the Year

You guys and girls know me by now but if you don't then pay attention because I am about to give you a lesson. I love prospects. The prospect, no pun intended, of the future with these young guys just makes me want to be a fan not just for today and not just for tomorrow but for the foreseeable future as we all watch these guys grow. I can remember watching as the New York Yankees signed players like Gary Sanchez way back when and thinking something along the lines of "man I can't wait until he reaches the Major Leagues." Well fans of these two men are now in that situation where their favorite young guy is not only ready to reach the majors in 2017 but be the best rookie in all the land for a season. 

American League Rookie of the Year: Andrew Benintendi

I think if you poll 100 sports writers, bloggers or journalists I think at last 90 of them will choose Andrew Benintendi of the Boston Red Sox as their American League Rookie of the Year Award winner. Benintendi is the real deal and showed that in a short stint with the club last season. The future is now for the Red Sox and the future is no for Benintendi inside Fenway Park as much as the Yankee fan in me hates to admit this. 

National League Rookie of the Year: Tyler Glasnow

Glasnow is one of those names we have been hearing about for what feels like forever now but the time is finally now for the 23-year old right-hander. Glasnow is not a finished product by any means as he continues to struggle with command and his walks but despite those struggles he has still found a way to absolutely dominate the Pirates minor league system. Tall pitchers, and Glasnow is 6'8", tend to take a little longer to put it all together, see fellow 6'8" right-hander Dellin Betances for a recent and Yankees-related example of this, and Glasnow has had a strong spring leading many to believe that this year is the year that he will do so. 

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