Thursday, September 21, 2017

Looking Back at TGP’s 2017 Predictions: Managers of the Year

How much does an MLB manager actually impact the game? I asked that same question below when this post was originally posted and yet I still don’t have a true or concrete answer to it so I’ll ask it again. Does anyone know? I know if you ask a Yankees fan every loss is on the back and decision making of Joe Girardi while every win is just the talent of the players outweighing the bad decision making of Girardi but I wanted to ask a broader spectrum. Does anyone have any thoughts? Leave them below as you check out my predictions on the 2017 AL and NL Manager of the Year Award winners.

TGP 2017 MLB Predictions: Managers of the Year

Some have argued that the actual impact and importance of a manager is as insignificant as it gets while others swear by the decision making of their favorite team's skipper. Those fans obviously have never had to deal with Joe Girardi and his magical all-knowing binder that has since turned into an iPad but regardless of whether the manger has a true impact or not the awards are given out every year so let's predict the winners. We can always have the debate of whether the manager actually has a bearing on the outcome of a game at another time, remind me. 

American League Manager of the Year: Terry Francona

I have real high hopes for the defending American League Champions this season because somehow I think the team is better than they were a year ago. Cleveland has a full season of Andrew Miller in their bullpen and they have added an absolute huge bat in Edwin Encarnacion to the middle of their lineup. All this should equate to more victories and more air time for the Indians and their manager. Plus, and not to say Francona is going to win it by default as he is an incredible manager, but no other managers really stand out to me aside from maybe AJ Hinch. Maybe. 

National League Manager of the Year: Bud Black

I truly believe the Colorado Rockies are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the National League West this season. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see this team finish as high as second in the division and at least in the discussion for one of the final Wild Card spots in the league. For that reason I can see their manager Bud Black winning the National League Manager of the Year Award while Nolan Arenado, his third baseman, tears up the National League at the plate and in the field. 

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