Friday, April 27, 2018

A Yankees Day in the Life: Justus Sheffield

To steal a few words from Scott Fiedler, which I guess were technically borrowed from myself in the first place, “Sonny Gray Sucks.” Yeah, I am a Sonny Gray fan and yeah, I am a wee bit disappointed in his performance since donning the Yankees pinstripes at the expense of three really good Yankees prospects. It sucks, but I am not worried. You know why? Because the Yankees have a deep farm system with more than a few blue-chip prospects in it including possibly their best starting pitching prospect that was last seen dominating Double-A pitching. His name is Justus Sheffield and he came to the New York Yankees via a trade with the Cleveland Indians involving Andrew Miller. Could 2018 be the year we see Sheffield reach the Major League level and the Bronx? Unfortunately, we will have to stay tuned for that, but while we wait we can all watch this amazing documentary as we try to see what it is like to spend a Yankees day in the life as Justus Sheffield.

Enjoy the video!

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