Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hello… & Let the Hypocrisy Begin

Good morning everyone, Happy Wednesday and Hump Day to you all. The United States Supreme Court just put Major League Baseball between a rock and a hard place this week with the decision to legalize sports gambling nationwide. Everyone knows where I stand on the big issues surround the game, namely the steroid era, whether players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens should be in the Hall of Fame, and Pete Rose’s banishment from the game completely.

How in the world can you keep Pete Rose banned, the leader in hits for Major League Baseball, for betting on the sport after you legalize it in the country. I get it, that it wasn’t legal back then. I also get it that he lied about it and blah, blah blah. We all know the story. How can you keep Rose out of the game and especially out of the Hall for doing what presumably so many others can do now?

Sure, it is probably still against MLB’s rules for players to bet themselves, like Rose did, but there are loopholes and ways around everything. Especially this. Maybe Player X won’t bet himself, but maybe his brother will for him. Or his mother. Or maybe Player X is dumb enough to do it himself, players are still doing steroids for peeps sake. Where do you draw the line? And when does it become hypocrisy?

I guess that is for a room of lawyers, representatives, and people much smarter than I to decide.

Speaking of people much smarter than I, my Kari Ann Burch. I love you my amazing girlfriend, and I would bet the house that we will make it together, forever. I love you. Hey you.


  1. I have to disagree with you. Pete Rose is a liar and a crook. I will only support his candidacy to the Hall of Fame when the man is dead and buried. I was fortunate enough to see Pete Rose play and had great respect for the player. I have no respect for the man.

    1. Liars and crooks will be judged when they leave this planet and go wherever it is that you go when you die. Liars and crooks, in my opinion, should not have that held against them as far as induction into the Hall of Fame. If you start with Pete Rose on a morality clause then how can you justify having someone like Ty Cobb who physically abused a man in a wheelchair AT A GAME AND IN UNIFORM being in the Hall of Fame?

      Didn't Tim Raines and Vida Blue admit to cocaine use DURING games? Yet, they are in. Come on. I'm not saying I would have the guy over to dinner or watch my children for me on date night, but his numbers speak for themselves.


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