Monday, July 16, 2012

Yankees Trade Targets : Cole Hamels

Cole Hamels will ultimately sign a contract extension or get traded in the next 15 days, bottom line. The Phillies are trying their hardest to re sign Cole according to reports coming out of their camp, and I could see why they would want to, but those reports can be unreliable. Just think... if the Phillies re sign Cole for a similar deal that they gave Cliff Lee, as is being reported, then next season the Phillies would have $129 million invested in 7 players for the 2013 season.

Hamels - $25 million
Lee - $25 million
Halladay - $20 million
Howard - $20 million
Utley - $15 million
Papelbon $13 million
Rollins - $11 million

What can I say that you guys do not already know about Cole Hamels. What can I say to describe how well he has pitched this season and what he would mean to this team this season in the post season. He is the kind of work horse and hard nosed pitcher, ask Bryce Harper, that the Yankees "need" to compliment ace CC Sabathia. What Can I Say? Nothing... so I won't. Hamels is a no brainer if you are against the $189 million goal for the 2014 season. He would essentially make it impossible to keep both Cano and Granderson by signed a $20 million + AAV deal. Granted that this team "needs" more pitching then they do offense but I have kind of grown attached to Granderson and his play and personality on and off the field. I am kind of growing tired of the hired mercenary types that come, win a ring, then trash us when they leave. Cole kind of screams that kind of attitude to me. 

IF we are going to sign Cole Hamels I would much rather let the Phillies trade him elsewhere, maybe the Dodgers, and sign him in the offseason. We would not have to give up a draft pick or a prospect... just money. When it is someone else's money I have zero issue with spending as much as we can to put the best product on the field. 

I truly dislike emptying the farm, even if it was possible, for a rental. We will only have Hamels guaranteed for the rest of this season. The worst part about it is that we could not even get draft pick compensation because of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that the Players Union struck with the league. Wouldn't it be nice though? Another guy for the fans to hate and make us Yankees fans "Get Greedy" and another guy with a knockout wife for the Wives & Girlfriends section...

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