Friday, May 31, 2013

My Predictions For The Upcoming Roster Crunch

The Yankees have some serious decisions to make in the next week regarding the upcoming roster crunch that they will be faced with. The Yankees expect both Kevin Youkilis and Mark Teixeira to return from the disabled list tonight to face the Boston Red Sox and expect Andy Pettitte to come back next week to face the Cleveland Indians. What will the Yankees do to make room on the 25 man roster for these additions?

Kevin Youkilis will be our starting third baseman, like it or not, so what will the Yankees do with David Adams? I think, well let's be honest I hope, that David has done more than enough to warrant staying with the team. He has played some stellar third base and has proven that he is not overwhelmed at the plate in the major leagues. Reid Brignac, on the other hand, has looked lost for a long time at the dish. Reid's biggest contribution to the Yankees is his ability to play the short stop position, something that David Adams cannot do, and plays it defensively pretty well. David Adams though is a third baseman that used to be a second baseman and has taken some grounders at first base. I think the Yankees will designate Reid Brignac for assignment and allow David Adams to be the Eric Chavez type bench player until or unless Alex Rodriguez gets back. Jayson Nix could always be that guy to play short stop so we would not be losing much there if anything. Having a right handed compliment that can play first base in a pinch I think really sets him above Reid in this situation and that is the reason Reid will be DFA'd and unfortunately removed from the Yankees Wives & Girlfriends section.

Verdict: Designate Reid Brignac for Assignment

Speaking of first base and Mark Teixeira I think the Yankees have the toughest decision to make right here. Lyle Overbay has been great, although he has come back down to earth overall lately, in the field and at the dish. Lyle has been clutch and clutch can be and has hit right handed pitching quite well. The Yankees have mentioned the possibility of trying him out in right field but that just gives us yet another left handed outfielder option and that is the last thing we need. Most want to keep Lyle for the insurance for Mark Teixeira and his wrist but as I stated in the previous paragraph David Adams has taken reps at first base in the minor leagues and could do it in a pinch. Not to mention if we designated Lyle for assignment we would be able to trade him and at least get SOMETHING for him. Whether this happens or not is one thing because I really think that Brian Cashman likes Lyle and will not get rid of him but if I were running the Yankees this is what I would do.

Verdict: Designate Lyle Overbay for Assignment

Andy Pettitte will be back next week to make his next regular start against the Cleveland Indians and the Yankees currently are carrying 13 pitchers so a decision has to be made. I think it is obvious that Vidal Nuno will go down to AAA even though he has more than earned a spot on the roster. I could MAYBE see the Yankees sending down Preston Claiborne and keeping Nuno to have that second lefty that they seem to covet so much but I think that is a stretch at best. Nuno is going down and Andy will slide into his old rotation spot. The Yankees will obviously need to make another move soon to drop down to 12 pitchers and get that extra bench guy but I will save that for another thread.

Verdict: Send Down Vidal Nuno

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