Friday, May 31, 2013

Yankees Wang Or Wang-less Today?

The Yankees signed former Yankee Chien Ming Wang to a minor league deal this off season with a multitude of opt out dates written into the contract. One of those dates is today, 5/30, so Wang has a decision to make today. Will Wang opt out and become a free agent or will he remain with the Yankees?

My personal opinion on the matter is I cannot see Wang leaving the Yankees just yet. Teams are not quite ready to commit or sell off this early in the season and I find it hard to see Wang getting a major league deal just yet. If this was the end of June and not the end of May and the pretenders and the contenders were more clear than I could totally see Wang opting out but not yet. Although he has pitched well enough to get a shot and has been passed over by the Vidal Nuno's, Adam Warren's, and David Phelps of the world so who knows. Personally I think it is just a bit premature for Wang... yeah I wen't there... to leave the team. He has pitched well but as a minor leaguer you have to pitch well enough to MAKE the Yankees bring you up and he just has not done that this season.

We will re-visit this next month so stay tuned for the latest Wang updates.

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