Friday, May 31, 2013

Tex & Youk Return, Nuno & Nova Sent To AAA

After officially activating Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis from the DL today, the Yankees sent Vidal Nuno and Ivan Nova to AAA. The moves opened up 25-man roster spots for Tex and Youk, while nothing needed to be done as far as the 40-man roster thanks to there already being two open spots there.

It's not surprising at all that Nuno was sent down, seeing as how Andy Pettitte is slated to return to the rotation on Monday, and Nuno wouldn't be available out of the bullpen for a few days. I am a bit surprised that Nova was sent down, though. Not because I thought he deserved to stay with the team, just that the Yankees tend to go with players that have more MLB experience.

I'm sure Nuno will get another start some time this season, as another injury to the rotation is bound to occur. As for Nova, due to his ineffectiveness as a starter, and his stuff not translating well to the bullpen (relievers are looked at to miss bats much more often than Nova does), I'm not sure we'll see him again in the Majors this season. Or that could be wishful thinking... who knows?

Speaking of Pettitte, when he returns on Monday, I expect the team to get rid of a bat. In that case I'm guessing David Adams gets sent back to the minors, as his bat has cooled off and the team will need others to stick around due to positional eligibility. Not that I want that, as evidenced by my article yesterday saying he could be the starting third baseman against left-handed starters. But going without a backup shortstop, assuming it would be Reid Brignac that would otherwise get the boot, would not be ideal.

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