Sunday, July 7, 2013

Countdown To Russ Canzler To The Yankees Redux

The New York Yankees briefly had Russ Canzler on the team after claiming him off waivers only to designate him for assignment after signing Travis Hafner. Yesterday Russ was designated for assignment again by the Orioles and has become a free agent. Russ made a ton of sense for the Yankees then and he makes even more sense for us now. Russ is a right handed hitter that can play first base, outfield corner spots, and could fill in at third base in an emergency. Russ, albeit in the minor leagues, has absolutely crushed left handed pitching this season to the tune of a .415/.531/.815 in 82 plate appearances.

So let me get this straight we need a right handed platoon guy to match up with Lyle Overbay. We need a guy that can hit left handed pitching and hit for power. We need a guy that is young, cheap, and can play multiple positions to increase versatility. We need a guy willing to accept a bench role because having both Luis Cruz and Alberto Gonzalez on the same bench is sickening from an offensive standpoint, especially with Eduardo Nunez back. All of this is solved with the signing of Russ Canzler and he is not a Yankee yet?

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