Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jayson Nix May Be Playing On Borrowed Time

Let's assume, and at this point in the season that is what we have to do, that Derek Jeter comes off the disabled list next week healthy and sticks with the Yankees for the rest of the season what roster move do we make to accommodate the captain on the roster?

We no longer are carrying an extra pitcher after we sent down Preston Claiborne although we are carrying both David Huff and Adam Warren for the double header against the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday which one will probably go down after the game. Looking at the roster filled with outfielders and now more than enough infielders who gets the ax when Derek Jeter comes back? Is it Eduardo Nunez? No, it has to be Jayson Nix.

When it comes down to Nix vs. Nunez you have to think that the Yankees would like Nix more because of his ability to play all over the infield and play those positions well. While Nunez has played at short stop and this base I am sure Nunez could slide over to second base and fill in adequately. The Yankees also seem to like Eduardo Nunez more now and for the future and seem willing to hand over the reigns to the short stop position once Derek Jeter hangs up his cleats.

Both Nix and Nunez have earned spots on the big league club in their own unique way and this is one of the tougher roster calls this season. One of these two men are going to be designated for assignment and neither of them are going to clear waivers either being in arbitration and under team control or pre-arbitration. Conceivably if Jeter is ready Tuesday, which seems unlikely according to manager Joe Girardi, he could be the 26th man to be used for the double header before the Yankees have to make the decision. Either way I think eventually Nunez or Nix is going to be off the team in some way, shape, or form this time next month and that is a damn shame.

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