Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Brendan Ryan Wants To Stay A New York Yankee

Yesterday we reported that Mark Reynolds wanted to stay a member of the New York Yankees after spending the latter part of 2013 with New York and now Brendan Ryan wants to stay as well. Ryan was acquired in September as a defensive back up for Derek Jeter and Eduardo Nunez before Jeter went on the DL for the fourth and final time this season. Ryan was immediately rushed into the starting role and, for lack of a better word, excelled at it.

Now we all know that Ryan has no bat, his .220/.258/.305 triple slash with a home run in 62 plate appearances this season made that obvious, but his defense is the best we saw out of anybody all season long. If the Yankees could bulk up elsewhere offensively, namely right field, designated hitter, and catcher, we could afford to have Ryan as a back up. Obviously all this depends on Derek Jeter coming back healthy and fully from a multitude of leg injuries in 2013.

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