Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chicago Cubs Will Try & Lure Away Joe Girardi

The Chicago Cubs have had internal discussions regarding bringing in the Yankees manager Joe Girardi after firing their own manager this week in Dale Sveum. Joe Girardi's contract runs through October 31st of this year and becomes a free agent starting at midnight on November 1st and the Cubs plan on making a big push on that day. The Yankees seem worried about this as they are hesitant to let Girardi speak with other clubs before his deal runs out.

The Yankees and Brian Cashman have announced that they planned to meet with Joe Girardi this week to discuss a possible new contract for the manager. Speculation has been that the Yankees have had to, and are willing to, give Girardi a significant raise to keep the skipper. No idea whether he will tuck and run to Chicago or stay with the Yankees but the early numbers are pointing towards Girardi heading back to Chicago to help the ailing Cubs.

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