Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Look Back At My '13 Playoff, World Series Predictions

2013 Predictions : The Playoffs & World Series Winner

Yesterday I shared my predictions on who I think will win their divisions and the wild cards in the coming season and today we will go over how each team will fare. If you missed yesterdays post it can be seen HERE. On to the predictions!

Wild Card Round:
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Detroit Tigers

Tampa Bay Rays vs New York Yankees

Cleveland Indians vs. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

New York Yankees win the American League Pennant and advance to the World Series

Wild Card Round:
Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Atlanta Braves vs Washington Nationals

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Atlanta Braves vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

I fully predict the Atlanta Braves to go to the World Series and try to create the beginning of yet another dynasty.  #UptonBrothers

Now obviously the New York Yankees did not make the playoffs so they will not be winning the American League pennant nor will they be winning the World Series. The Tigers won the division and the Cleveland Indians won the Wild Card and I had that switched, call it dyslexia. I also had Tampa Bay winning the other wild card and they did so go me but I had the Angels winning the division, not the Oakland Athletics, and the Angels finished in third place so I guess you cannot get them all right. 

New prediction has to be that, and this hurts, the American League and the World Series has to go through the Boston Red Sox. 

I had a blatant disrespect for the National League Central division before the season and hyped up the National League East and boy do I have cake on my face right now. The Braves won the division easily and I had them winning a wild card. The Washington Nationals did not win the division and did not even make the playoffs after a late wild card push in September, whoops. The Phillies finished in fourth place behind the New York Mets, no excuse for being this wrong. I did predict the Dodgers would win the National League West along with 6,825,178 other people so there is always that. The Pittsburgh Pirates I had winning the division but will have to settle for a one game wild card with the Cincinnati Reds after both teams seceding to the National League Central champion St. Louis Cardinals. 

New prediction is the same old prediction, the Atlanta Braves will make it to the World Series and will lose but to the Boston Red Sox, not the New York Yankees. Also Craig Kimbrel will be the bets closer in all of baseball next season after Mo retires. 

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