Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Derek Jeter Still Undecided About 2014

Before I even get too far in depth with this please remember that it is October 1st, not November 1st or December 1st, before we start burning down stuff. Derek Jeter announced today that he has not yet decided whether he will exercise or decline his 2014 players option worth $9,500,000. I remind you of the date because Jeter has three days after the World Series ends before he has to make that decision and the Fall Classic could stretch almost until November so we have some time.

Jeter wen't to the disabled list, what, four times in 2013? Derek has absolutely no leverage at this point and has to exercise the option or retire at this point. I cannot see any other option for Derek at this point because the Yankees are not going to be handing him a multi-year deal at this point.


  1. He can't let it end like this! Surely not! Derek WILL be back, of that I am certain

  2. I think he comes back too obviously. Too proud to go out like that


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