Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Raicel Iglesias Declares Residency In Mexico

Raicel Iglesias has declared residency in Mexico after defecting from Cuba and is now awaiting clearance from the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control to become a free agent and free to sign with any team. Iglesias and his contract will not count against a teams International free agent spending pool and will be a true free agent when he is cleared this month by the OFAC.

Iglesias is 23 years old and possesses a 92-95 MPH fastball with swing and miss breaking stuff that keeps hitters off balance. Iglesias has questionable control though and will more than likely begin his career in the minor leagues to get some more development and seasoning before coming to the Major Leagues.

Iglesias should be cleared this month and free to sign before GM's meet at the Winter Meetings in December.


  1. You know, with all the guys who are about to get bad contracts this winter, the Yankees should start getting more and more involved in the international market. Can't keep letting studs like Puig or Jorge Soler pass by

    1. I think we have to if we want to survive and compete year in and year out. We cant do it anymore with the international spending, we cant do it with the draft limitations, and we cant do it with the luxury tax. We need to sign these guys long term and cheap...

    2. Well, that's three of us! I was shocked to find them stand by and let all those Int. FAs go elsewhere! Maybe that is a bit on the soft side of my disbelief and anger...let's add stupidity! Andy and the Tampa people have to go. Will Cashman come back after being shot in the back so often by the dumb by three, bookkeepers?

    3. Yeah they are stuck on the Igawa, Irabu, and Contreras signings... they were years ago. Move on, win some and lose some.


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