Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Video Proof We Need To Forgive Steroid Users: Part 1

Hello everyone it's me again, Daniel Burch, and I am still advocating for the forgiveness of steroid users. I know that ESPN, MLB Network, the New York Post, etc. have not told you that it's okay to forgive these guys yet so I understand your reluctance but hear me out. I have asked, and honestly it started out as a joke, to forgive ALEX RODRIGUEZ and then, and I was serious this time, I asked you to forgive FRANCISCO CERVELLI and then I asked to forgive ALL STEROID USERS. This time I bring video proof to back up my case that these men need to be forgiven not because they did nothing wrong, shouldn't be punished, and were in the right but because it is the only way the Yankees are going win #28 in the next four to five seasons. Also, I was made fun of for saying that it was the only way it was going to happen but I truly believe that. Maybe this video proof will make my point, although I doubt it will register with most.

I think the 2009 season is the perfect example of why we need to forgive Alex Rodriguez and all steroid users so I will start there. February 9th Alex Rodriguez went on national television and admitted to his steroid use, limiting it to his time with Texas and not with his time in New York, stating that he felt compelled to live up to the mega contract that he had signed. Alex also had a pretty major hip surgery that would keep him out of the 2009 season until May 8th of that season and he wasted no time. Below is A Rod's first at bat where, spoiler alert, he hit a home run on the first pitch that he saw.

Alex was boo'd, the fans hate him, all stuff we have grown accustomed to see. Seeing as that game was in Baltimore let's see A Rod's first at bat in Yankee Stadium in that 2009 season on May 15th.

Again a mixture of boo's and cheers from the Yankees faithful. Was it because he is a douche? Was it because he admitted to his steroid use? Who knows, and frankly who cares, but no player can perform three or four times out of ten under that kind of scrutiny every single at bat, nobody.

The thing was though, and I will end Part 1 like this, the fans got on Alex's back by the end of the season and look what happened. The two home run and six RBI day on the final game of the season to hit the 30 home run and 100 RBI plateau that carried him all the way into the postseason. Alex was a different kind of player, noticeably relaxed, in the 2009 postseason. If you watch the above two videos and watch this and see how differently the fans and his teammates treated him I think you can tell where I am coming from here. I know you may not want to but the fact remains that if we ever want this kind of production from our steroids users then we have to forgive them, get on their side (because the grass is no greener on the holier then thou side), and get on with what the Yankees do best, winning World Series championships. Enjoy the 2009 Alex Rodriguez postseason montage, remember what we had, think about what could be going forward if he give him this kind of support again, and check in tomorrow for Part 2 of this series where we look at the 2013 season after yet another steroid scandal.

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