Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shortstop Arruebarruena Defects From Cuba

Cuban shortstop Erisbel Barbaro Arruebarruena has defected from Cuba and will look to be cleared in time to sign with a major league team for the 2014 season. Arruebarruena is known for his slick hands on the defensive side and has drawn comparisons to Jose Iglesias in the field, the Detroit Tigers shortstop.

Arruebarruena is 23 years old and has played his six seasons in Cuba so he will not affect or count against his teams International spending cap and would be a true free agent once he is cleared. Arruebarruena has established residency in Haiti so it should not be long before he is cleared by the United States.

Earlier in the season Arruebarruena was ranked as the 10th best prospect in the World Baseball Classic to not already be signed to a major league team. Arruebarruena is not considered to be a fast or a smart runner on the base paths  or in the field but has a quick first step that allows him to get away with more than most.

Thank God the Yankees don't put names on the back of their uniforms, huh?

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