Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yankees Will Not Wait On Robinson Cano

The New York Yankees President Randy Levine gave us a ton of sound bites to talk about today including one that stated that the Yankees would not wait on Cano. Robbie is said to be willing to wait until January to sign him mega deal if need be but the Yankees are not going to be that patient. The Yankees are going to sign free agents and if that affects the amount of money they have left to sign Cano then so be it. If the Yankees can actually stick to this then I say good for them and I am 100% in agreement.

Here is one last quote from Levine to think about tonight in response to if the Mets could have Robinson Cano:

"Yes. For $300MM they can ... We want Robbie Cano back. We think the offer we made him is very competitive and it shows that we want him to be a Yankee for a long time and be the face of the franchise. But until they come down from the $300 million, there's really nothing to talk about."

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