Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yankees Fans & JuJu Believers, It's Time To Forgive Again

Remember back at the beginning of October when I asked everyone who believed in bad juju and all Yankees fans to forgive Alex Rodriguez for the benefit of the team? Well if you don't HERE IT IS again so you can get caught up because it is time to forgive again. The Yankees had another, albeit lower profile and name, player linked to Biogenesis and the steroid clinic down in Miami run by Anthony Bosch in catcher Francisco Cervelli.

If we can forgive Andy Pettitte for taking it "one time" to "heal an injury" then, and just as an FYI check the video of his send off this season in New York and in Houston to see if we really forgave him as a fan base or not, we can forgive Cervelli. I have a serious issue with players who do not hustle, do not play the game like they love the game, and players who treat this like a paycheck and not a passion.Say what you will about Cervelli but he has fun every day, plays the game the way it should be played on the field, and has worked his butt off more than once to get his shot with this club.

The guy screwed up, bottom line, and the guy lived up to his mistake and admitted it eventually. I am totally not cool with the fact that he denied it at first but he got there eventually and I can respect that. He did not appeal his suspension, and no he wouldn't have if he were healthy anyway in my opinion, and took the suspension on the chin with class and a humble character. You could tell Cervelli knew he screwed up and disappointed the game unlike Alex Rodriguez who has a holier then though aura around him. Another FYI here is that you still have to forgive him too though if you haven't already, thank you.

Long story short is Cervelli messed up, confessed, and shows no reason to believe that he will not do it the right way from here on out. He does not have the $300,000,000 contracts to "live up to" and all that and just wants to play the game  and sometimes that is enough. Think about it this way when you go to church this Sunday are you sitting in a room full of saints or a room full of sinners? Enough said, I hope anyway. The Red Sox forgave David Ortiz and I really think that is a lot of the reason that Ortiz is beloved while Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun are so hated. The Yankees and their future depend on this, the juju is bad and only we can do something about this.

Repeat after me....

"My name is (fill in the blank), I love the New York Yankees, and I forgive Francisco Cervelli."


  1. Did Cervelli really originally deny using? I did not read about him denying it.

    1. Darn near every one of the players have denied it at first, then owned up to it later, we just don't hear that much about them...they aren't the story, only the big guys warrant the spotlight.

    2. Yes when the first reports came out Cervelli denied it.

  2. " My name is patrick, I love the New York Yankees, and Francisco Cervelli will be our staring catcher
    in 2014." Compared to others, he has done NOTHING wrong. Time to cut some slack for this poor
    guy, who has had a black cloud following him around, for the past 3-4 years.
    Has anyone done a testing on David Ortiz recently ? Talk about teflon.

  3. I forgive Cervie for the mistake, but I'm not sure about him being the starting catcher for 2014. I don't believe he can repeat his early 2013 success with the bat at all. Everybody wants prospects, in this case Gary Sanchez, to succeed. I'm included. But there's a chance Sanchez does nothing, and we'll all look back at the missed opportunity to get Brian McCann and be sad.

  4. Cervelli is a number 2 catcher. His enthusiasm and rapport with the pitchers scores big points for him. But he is prone to the occassional stupid errors in the field, has very little power. He does have a propensity to come up with timely hits. Id rather have McCann as we need more offense out of this position going forward.

  5. Ortiz was probably a big and long term user of PEDs and does not get anywhere near the abuse for it that Arod gets. People just hate the walking syringe known as Aroid.

    Ortiz continues to perform at a very high level ...clutch hit after clutch hit.....championship. While Aroid gets benched during playoffs nowadays.

    If Alex was performing better he would have less heat on him.

  6. Brian McCann would be a fine addition to the squad. But, there will be teams competing for him. Money
    as always be the final factor. Lets see how that goes first. If they can't sign McCann, then I think
    Cervelli deserves his opportunity.
    Velcro toupee straps ? Is there such a thing ?

    1. I think the Yankees are talking out of the side of their mouth with one of two things, either this 189 million budget or the spending spree. They cant have both.

      I think McCann ends up in Texas because of this reason

  7. Just back from scrounging around in another sites dumpster.....try this one.
    Right field.....Nelson Cruz ? Hold on. After a 50 game suspension over Biogenesis .....
    he hit .266/ .327/ .506 with 27 home runs. Also,....5-6 years younger than Beltran.
    Do not know if he is RH or LH....or both.

    1. Some players are worth losing the draft pick over and some arent. Nelson Cruz isnt a bad player but not worth the pick IMO.

  8. Surfing the blogs...dudes !
    Sometimes you get a feel for things, after reading editorials / articles from other sites.
    The word on the blog-o-sphere tonight, is that Masahiro Tanaka ( our future savior )...will be a Dodger.
    I hate this, but where there is smoke....etc.

  9. Free agents will wait to see if the Yankees sign Cano before they commit to coming here. The Yankees without Cano and Aroid, a gimpy Jeter and a declining CC ....are not a real draw are they?


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