Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dan Le Batard Tells The BBWAA "You're My Daddy"

Dan Le Batard screwed with the integrity of the game, the integrity of the Hall of Fame, and his own integrity when he basically, for lack of a better word, sold his Hall of Fame vote to the popular website Deadspin. Le Batard is a writer for the Miami Herald and now a former Hall of Fame voter, maybe they will give me his vote I would put it to good use.

Basically, long story short, Le Batard gave his vote to Deadspin and Deadspin in turn gave it to their readers and that is a big no no. Le Batard will never vote for the Hall of Fame ever again and is banned for one year from baseball press boxes.  Here is the statement:

The BBWAA Board of Directors has decided to remove Dan Le Batard’s membership for one year, for transferring his Hall of Fame ballot to an entity that has not earned voting status. The punishment is allowed under the organization’s constitution. In addition, Le Batard will not be allowed to vote on Hall of Fame candidates from this point on. The BBWAA regards Hall of Fame voting as the ultimate privilege, and any abuse of that privilege is unacceptable. -BBWAA President La Velle E. Neal IIIJanuary 9, 2014

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