Thursday, January 9, 2014

Japanese Posting System Cut Into Four Payments

Earlier in the week we learned that the Japanese posting fee of $20 would be split up over two years to help smaller market teams compete for Japanese free agents. Today we learned that these payment swill be split up in four easy payments of only $19.99. Not really, obviously, as that was my failed attempt at humor, sorry.

Here is how the payments are broken down:

  • 50% of the posting fee is to be paid 14 days after the player has signed. $10 million in the case of Masahiro Tanaka. 
  • 17% is due six months and 12 months after the player has signed for a total of $3.4 million for each payment. 
  • 16% of the posting fee will be paid within 18 months of the player signing for a final payment of $3.2 million.

In a world where there is luxury tax, teams getting kickbacks from television networks, profit sharing, and all that good stuff I don't get it. Even the Houston Astros or the Tampa Bay Rays can pay $20 million you would think for Tanaka. Oh well, whatever gets Tanaka in pinstripes.

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