Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mike Mussina Was Better Than Tom Glavine

Mike Mussina was a better starting pitcher in his career than Tom Glavine, write it down because that is a fact. Sure Mussina did not pitch far too long in search of 300 wins, Moose went out on top, but Moose was better. I want you all to notice that I did not say there was a huge gap between the two but, in my opinion, the numbers do not lie. Let's take a look:

18 seasons | 3562 IP | 123 ERA+ | 82 ERA- | 7.11 K/9 1.98 BB/9 | 3.58 K/BB
22 seasons | 4413 IP | 118 ERA+ | 86 ERA- | 5.32 K/9 | 3.06 BB per 9 | 1.74 K/BB

Imagine if Moose had pitched until he was 42 years old and not until he was 39, almost 40. Imagine if Moose had pitched four more seasons like Glavine did. Imagine if Moose pitched im the then much weaker offensively National League and not the American League East. Imagine if Moose had gotten more than 20.3% of the Hall of Fame vote, like say Glavine's 91.9%

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