Monday, January 13, 2014

Luis Sojo: The Little Guy that came up Big

I just received an update that Luis Sojo was added to the AAA coaching staff. It is well deserved by a man that became one of my favorite Yankee's on a random October night in 2000.

I remember it like it was yesterday. My father, my brother and I, we were standing in line, surrounding our television in disbelief of what was happening. Two on and two out with Al Leiter on the mound and clearly on the ropes! This is one of those great October moments that we will cherish for year's...who's up next?

..and up comes Luis Sojo!?

Wait, what?? Of all the great Yankees on that 2000 World Series team, all our hopes were on a 5' 11" utility infielder named Luis Sojo?

Then my Dad spoke (which never happened during a Yankee game unless it was something vile against ARod or Michael Kay) He said, "Why not Luis?"

This was my father in a nutshell, always rooting for the underdog. He was the biggest fan of guys that are long forgotten. Alvaro Espinoza, Andy Stankiewicz, Ricky Ledee, Charlie Hayes...and his all time favorite Chili "Dog" Davis. He just loved rooting for the little guys.

Well, Luis was a little guy and as we started to turn our favor towards Luis, he proceeds to get a huge 2 out 2 RBI knock up the middle and the Yankees go on to win game. The rest, of course is history as the Subway Series is wrapped up and another title is on the Boss's shelf.

This was one of those defining moments that taught my brother and I so much about being a fan. It is so easy to root for the guy that sells the most jerseys, but to root for the little guy and have him come through...well, that's priceless.

Anyway, congratulations Luis, you will always hold a place in this Yankee families heart. Because of guys like you, I will always root for the whole team, not just the players that sell the overpriced jerseys.

"When we saw him in spring training in a Pirates uniform, you knew he wanted to be with us," said a champagne-soaked manager Joe Torre.

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