Monday, January 13, 2014

Brian Roberts Signing Made Official, Takes A Rod's Spot

The Yankees signed Brian Roberts over three weeks ago and the deal has finally been made official today. Roberts will take the 40 man roster spot of the recently suspended Alex Rodriguez to make the deal official. Roberts signed a one year deal with New York worth $2 million plus another $2.3 million in incentives. See below for the full breakdown of the incentives from Joel Sherman on Twitter:


  1. BRIAN ROBERTS...I guess I'm most pleased with this off season acquisition.
    I know he was injured, but people do get well again.
    Roberts, a favorite of mine, is a blue collar, dirty uniform, in your face...player.
    A wonderful player for Baltimore. He played well when he returned last year.

    Players with character, that's what the Yankees say they always want.
    Well, you have Brian Roberts. A great move getting him.

  2. The Yankees need to get a position player from the Blue Jays now. That way they'll have signed somebody well known from every AL East team.

    1. As long as his name is Brett Lawrie I am there Jack...


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