Monday, January 13, 2014

A Bomb: The Countdown

I used to love spring training. Seeing the players getting back together and running around like last seasons injuries never happened. Jeters wheels, Teixeras wrist and look over's ARod!?!?

Is this really happening? Who knows, after today's A bomb by A Rod and the fact that he's trying to sue the MLPPA, nothing surprises me anymore. For all we know, he will not only show up, but he'll play and play well! Imagine him finagling his way into some spring games and hitting .543 with 8 hrs and 20 RBIs. Would you be that surprised? This guy is the ultimate enigma.

I just can't wait for the day that we go into Spring Training without anything worthy of Page 6 in the Post. An ARod free bottom line on SportsCenter? A season that has nothing to do with suspension reviews or court appearances?  I mean, can you imagine how this court hearings going to go?!

Judge: Mr. Rodriguez, what do you have to say about these charges against you?
ARod: Bud Selig is out to get me!
Judge: What? No I mean the...
Judge: Mr. Rodriguez! Please just answer the questi...

Well, that might be a bit of a stretch, but I have to ask it?

The sad part is, and I'm sure some of you fans can attest, I'm becoming immune. This guy could show up to court or spring training in a dress, dancing the Macarena and holding a puppy at gunpoint and I would just roll my eyes and grab another cup of joe. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Although, that doesn't mean I can't wait for the day...61 million dollars in the future...that I can love spring training again.

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