Monday, January 13, 2014

Yankees Have Asked Padres About Infielders

The San Diego Padres have some depth in the infield and the New York Yankees have recently asked them about their availability. While it is probably unlikely that the Yankees have the pieces to acquire a Chase Headley, although I can dream, Jon Paul Morosi tweeted that the Yankees may be interested in utility man Logan Forsythe. I kind of want to believe that the Yankees have enough utility type infielders at this point, especially light hitting ones like Forsythe but what do I know.

Forsythe has a triple slash of .241/.310/.349 over the last three seasons and has 57 stolen bases to go with it. Most recently though Forsythe posted a .214/.281/.332 in 2013 after a strong 2012. The idea of making this trade does not excite me...


  1. SOMETIMES...this is nuts. Do we not have 6-8 of these type guys already ?

    1. That was my thinking as well. Then again it is just the opinion of Mr. Morosi but still.


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