Saturday, April 19, 2014

Quick Hit: Robertson Back Tuesday, Who Goes Down?

David Robertson is set to come off the disabled list on Tuesday before the Yankees travel to Fenway Park to take on the Boston Red Sox, who goes down off the 25 man roster? The decision is probably an obvious one, especially since New York is currently carrying three left handed relief pitchers. Dellin Betances, Adam Warren, Shawn Kelley, and David Phelps all seem to be safe bets to stay leaving Matt Thornton, Cesar Cabral, and Vidal Nuno.

Speaking of Nuno, where has he been since getting shelled by the Baltimore Orioles two weeks ago at Yankee Stadium? Nuno took one on the chin but threw 65 pitches and really saved the bullpen and now has been MIA basically ever since while Cabral and Thornton have been used in key and situation spots since. I guess Joe Girardi already answered this question for us, Nuno is going down.

To play devil's advocate real quick though you have to remember that the Yankees have a TBA listed as a starter tomorrow so having three potential spot starters and log men on the roster will really help. Then again the Yankees have an off day on Monday so who knows besides Joe Girardi's iPad.

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