Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nova unsurprisingly bad as Rays blowout Yankees

Ivan Nova gave up 8 earned runs in 4+ innings and the offense mustered just 3 hits against Tampa Bay starter Chris Archer tonight as the Yankees were blown out by the Rays, 16-1. After facing two batters in this one's fifth inning, Nova left due to a currently unknown injury, something that's still pretty irrelevant to the fact that 6 (2 solo, 2 two-run) of those 8 trips around the bases came on homers. 

Anyway, the Pinstripes offense, as I just stated, really struggled this evening, collecting just 2 singles from Alfonso Soriano and Jacoby Ellsbury and a run-scoring double from Kelly Johnson. That double, unfortunately, was the highlight of the night for this team, who has now given up at least 10 runs for two consecutive games.

Back to Nova for a second, I'll admit I'm tired of him. Every once in a while he's good, but still, at the end of the day he's nothing but another Phil Hughes. He has potential that he'll never use, making me, and probably many other Yankees fans, believe than Vidal Nuno or David Phelps would simply help the team more. They wouldn't be perfect, but come on, I'm right on this. All you guys might not realize it now, but trust me, eventually you will.


  1. Jesus...what the hell happened ?..........16-1 ?

  2. THE CURSE OF CESAR CABRAL !!....If this continues with Nova, they should send him down.
    It worked last year. Leave him there longer.

    Matt Daley...I knew this was coming. So shameless.

    1. He has an elbow injury, watch him need tommy john surgery


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