Friday, May 16, 2014

Is This The 2013 Yankees All Over Again?

The 2013 New York Yankees were picked by every sports blogger not in New York, every ESPN and MLB Network analyst, and every non Yankee fan in the world to struggle after losing so much power in the lineup. Through the month of May the Yankees were 31-23 and very much in contention for the American League East crown only to falter and succumb to injuries in the second half.

Does any of this sound familiar? I sure hope not...

  • The Yankees once again had an amazing April and are coming back down to Earth and succumbing to injuries in May in 2014. The Yankees are a .500 team with a negative run differential, again just like 2013, that may be overachieving so far this season. The similarities don't stop there though...

  • The Yankees were without Alex Rodriguez as well at this point through 2013 for whatever that is worth. Blame A Rod, not Brian Cashman, for the lack of depth, the lack of a farm system, and the "old" Yankees dropping like flies once again. 

  • The Yankees can't beat the damn New York Mets either, when did that start happening?

  • CC Sabathia lost weight and struggled all season long including a DL trip or two

  • The Yankees are once again hosting a farewell tour for one of their great legends of the last 20 seasons in Derek Jeter, last year it was Mariano Rivera and at the end of the season Andy Pettitte. 
I'm sure there are more but I am about scared to keep looking and thinking about it. Forget I said anything, we're better than an 85 win team... right?

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  1. No because Tanaka's in the rotation. Not to mention, 2-2 is better than 0-4 Daniel


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