Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Preview: New York Yankees @ St. Louis Cardinals 5/27

The New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals will play the middle game of their three game set this week tonight at Busch Stadium. The Yankees will send David Phelps to the mound to face off with the Cardinals Lance Lynn. The game will be played at 8:15 pm ET and can be seen on MY9, MLB TV, and can be heard on the radio with John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on WFAN.

Phelps has held his own since joining the starting rotation and is coming off a game in which he was on the wrong side of a Chris Sale start for the White Sox. Phelps went seven innings and only gave up two runs last time out but the Yankees were blanked by Sale and Phelps took the tough luck loss. Phelps allowed six hits, gave up a walk, and struck out eight batters in seven innings in what was his best start of the season. Phelps threw 104 pitches so he is finally stretched all the way out for the rest of the season.

Lynn has quality starts in three of his four starts this month and is coming off a start in which he allowed just two runs in six innings. Lynn threw 30 pitches and allowed both runs in the first inning before shutting things down for the next five innings only using 59 pitches.

Go Yankees!!


  1. Tough game to night, Tex out and the pitcher is one we have never faced before.
    Solarte has come back to the real world, as I think most sane fan would expect. Now let's see him adjust to what has been going on. He does like that low fast ball and they are putting it lower than low, also throwing him sliders and change-ups low. He is fishing for them...could be, he is pressing to much.
    We do need Solarte to step up now, with Tex hurting again, in fact, we need everyone to move up a step or two...two (Beltran and Tex) of our heavy lifters are hurting!
    Right now Solarte is about where I thought he might be at .292/.368/.447/.815...actually I think I said something like .295+/-!
    The bad thing about hitting is...in my opinion...there is one pitch a hitter will swing at damn near all the time and almost never hit. Mine was the high fastball, up around the shoulders...I always swung at it, not most of the time, all the time. In all the years I played, nobody ever figured that out. I must say, I was the Ichiro of Sand Lot Baseball. Even had a few HR's...er, inside the park kind. I never saw a fence I could clear, even in high school and college!

    1. Good news is Beltran doesn't need surgery, yet.

      Teix should be back no later than Friday.

  2. Big news for me anyhow, I have been asked to work with the hitters and pitchers of our High School and Jr. College. Well, the left-handed pitchers anyhow! Been doing it most of the winter anyhow, so they asked me to continue.
    Those guys sure no how to throw the ball fast, but that's about it. I wish I had had a fastball, "I Could Have Been the Champ"! Yup, in my dreams!
    Now I can pass on the stuff I learned from being around so long and having a great teacher like Eddie LoPat! He never even knew my name, I was just the, "Kid from The Kitchen" he never knew helping and taking to a kid would help me as much as it did. A great guy and a very good pitcher, hell, even his fastball was faster than my best.
    Well, I guess that catches me up for the weekend, time to feed the dogs.
    A win tonight would be great, say what!?

    1. Wow, awesome news. Congrats dude! You will do great.

  3. Thanks, I hope so, I work better one on one with players, I can show how it should be done and teach well enough. Been teaching for a long, long time.


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