Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Unsung Heroes of the Game"

Brett Gardner
We all know the big named players that will be the foundation of this team, but the press and some bloggers, seem to be unwilling to give credit to others that have been the real glue, making this team something we have not seen in many years! A team that will fight to the end and find a way to win! Not by the long ball, as has been the case over these many years. They win by hitting with runners on more often than I have seen in the last few years.

It still amazes me how some fans can read what is on the blogs or in the media and take it as gospel.
We have, Brett, Betances, Ichiro, Cisco, Romine and a nobody named Solarte all doing well for the team.
Each and every one of them has been denigrated by the Media/Blogs and (so called) experts. Yet, here it is, almost a month into the season and we find without these players doing very well...we would be in or, close to last place!
Yes, Cervelli is hurt and Solarte has come back to reality, but they have played a big part in the Yankee wins, none the less.
Brett as many know, was said to be nothing better than a 4th or 5th out fielder, yet here he is once again playing winning baseball. Same could be said for Ichiro, he also was put in the "Dead Weight" class but, if that is dead weight...please, give me more of the same.

Betances and Romine were each on the "Can't Miss" list and then knocked down by said media. Why? Because they were not moving fast enough? Maybe someone should enlighten the experts and media...that is what the farm system is get all the kinks and mistakes out of a player.

Where would we be without these players? The guys do a lot of the little things for winning baseball, try watching how they play the game...take extra bases, steel a base, make a great catch or pitch, what ever it takes to win!

These are the "Unsung Heroes of the Game"!

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