Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yankees Cannot DL Pineda While Suspended

Andrew Marchand dropped some unfortunate news for the Yankees today as he announced that New York could not place the injured Michael Pineda on the disabled list until his suspension was over on Sunday. The Yankees will have to play with essentially a 24 man roster this weekend against the Tampa Bay Rays and tonight with the Seattle Mariners. You would have to think, and I do not know this as the gospel, that you cannot back date the disabled list trip either, not that this is a big deal either way.

The Yankees are expected to place Pineda on the disabled list before Tuesday's game, before the rain out it was Monday, and a roster move is expected. Sounds like the Yankees are pushing for Brendan Ryan to be ready for Tuesday night's game if you ask me.


  1. Rocket Reed & Ellijay Burch.........sounds like a tag team, from the early days of pro-wrestling.

    patrick, has been working very long hours. My world is horticulture. Trees, flowers, etc.
    It is seasonal, and in the northeast, my season is ready to explode.
    I read all your words daily. But, if I am flat lined, I will not post. As is the case now.

    You guys continue to stir the pot. I know you understand.
    Daniel...I'm drinking right now. This Coors is for you.

    1. Of course I understand Pat, just wanted you to know you are not forgotten and you are missed.

      Stay well friend.


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