Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thoughts After A Month Of New York Yankees Baseball

Just a few quick thoughts after a month of baseball in the books for the New York Yankees:

For an injury prone guy, knock on wood, Jacoby Ellsbury has only missed one game. In that one game Ellsbury was available as a pinch hitter off the bench but the Yankees kept him out as a precaution.

For a Yankees team that was going to win 85 games this season and be on par or worse offensively without Robinson Cano we sure have done well. This is a well rounded team that is not content just sitting back and waiting for the three run home run.

The Yankees have a legit shot at leading the league in stolen bases this season. Ellsbury has eight stolen bases while Brett Gardner has seven. Yankees have 21 stolen bases already as a team.

David Robertson has done well replacing Mariano Rivera in the closers role. So has Shawn Kelley. So has Dellin Betances. Three potential closers in one bullpen is absolutely filthy and I love it.

This team has a real shot at sending Derek Jeter off in his final season with class. #28in2014


  1. Calling all Patrick's.

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    The end

  2. I am working on one article right now, man oh man, this is a lot of work. My two fingers are almost stubs now!
    Where is Patrick...he hasn't posted lately?

    1. Try writing 8-10 or more of those a day :)

      No Patrick is stuck in a female maternity ward somewhere.


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