Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quick Hit: Yankees Fans Have A Shot At Redemption

The New York Yankees fans have a shot at redemption tonight when Robinson Cano comes back to Yankee Stadium. The Yankee faithful could not be bothered enough to even show up to the game for the most part but the ones that were there boo'd early and boo'd often. I have touched on why we had no right to boo the man that did what three players did to their old teams this season alone to become members of the Yankees. The good news is the Yankees fans have a shot at redemption tonight and show their respect and admiration for Cano because really he deserves it.

I personally don't want to wait 15-20 years before Cano comes back on Old Timers Day to hear the standing ovation that he deserves for his time as a member of the Yankees, I wan't him to get that respect tonight. The fans that boo'd him had their moment on Tuesday night when they boo'd his every movement at the stadium and now it's time to be the bigger and better person here. Cheer Cano tonight, please?

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