Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Yankees & The World's Highest Paid Athletes

Here's a little something to depress you as you all get ready to go to your job to make significantly less than these members of the New York Yankees. Forbes released a list of the highest paid players in the world and there are more than a few members of the Yankees on the list, and the man you think it on the top is not surprisingly.

Just to get this out of the way, the highest paid athlete in the world is Floyd Mayweather raking in $105 million this year. The first Yankee to make the list is Derek Jeter in the 35th spot bringing in a reported $24.3 million in 2014, $15.3 million in salary and $9 million in endorsements.

CC Sabathia is 37th with $24.2 million, $1.2 million in endorsements. Alex Rodriguez is 48th with a technical $22.9 million and only $300K in endorsements(not from Tony Bosch). Mark Teixeira is ranked 50th with $22.7 million, $200K in endoresements.

Former Yankee Robinson Cano landed at the 60th slot, Vernon Wells is 65th and probably won't play a single game this season, and Alfonso Soriano is 93rd.

The entire list can be seen HERE.

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