Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Daily Dozen - July 22, 2014

(Twelve Takeaways from Tonight's Game - July 22nd, 2014)

1. Both teams started with singles and neither pays off.  These teams may be the worst offensive teams in the history of the game.  Yes I am exaggerating, but when is the last time that both of these organizations were this poor at scoring runs or hitting home runs for that matter?

2. Leonys Martin robbed McCann in the 2nd inning.  Just filthy.
YOINK! (Photo Courtesy of MLB.com and My9)

3. Who is this Daniel Robertson guy that keeps getting singles?  I really don't recognize the Texas lineup what with Adduci, Martin, Chirinos, Odor, and Robertson...where did Hamilton and Cruz go? Wink, wink...

4. El Duque was on the My9 broadcast tonight.  Good ol' Orlando Hernandez.  Who wouldn't give their left arm for a pitcher like him in the rotation right now? Or Mike Mussina? I bet either one of those guys could still give the Yanks more than some of these current guys.
Bring Back El Duque!

5. Somehow Chase Whitley became Cy Young since his last start.  Over 6 innings he struck out 6 and gave up 6 singles (and 1 double).  Then Matt Thornton relieves him after a base hit in the 7th after he shut the Rangers out and had the opportunity to lose the game (re: Thorntoned).  Whitley must be pitching out of his mind to protect his place as the best Chase on the team (re: Chase Headley trade).

6. Wheeler is so slow that the ball can bounce off of Beltre and go to Andrus and he will still be out.  In all seriousness that was a great 5-6-3 put out by the left side of the Rangers infield.

7. Paul O'Neill brought up a good point about specialization.  Kids are playing baseball year round and I believe it is resulting in more Tommy John surgeries.  By the time kids make the major leagues they have literally YEARS of wear and tear on those ligaments throwing sliders, curveballs, and cut fastballs.  They don't play other sports and give their arms a rest.

8. I hate the shift...and so does Brian McCann.

9. Isn't it strange how certain players are going on or just coming off the DL?  Guys that the Yankees have reported interest in or that the blogosphere reportedly reports that the Yankees have interest in...Cliff Lee, Troy Tulowitzki...just a thought.
Tulowitzki on the DL with a strained mullet...

10. Who tries to bunt with 2 strikes?  The Texas Rangers that's who!  But seriously, you have to be pretty handy with the stick if you know what I mean...earn your keep...FOUL! Out...Texas is 5-24 in their last 29 games for a reason.  Of course they are 1-0 in their last 1 against the Bronx Bombless.

11.  August 7, 2009.  According to Michael Kay, that was the last date that there was a scoreless game going into the 7th inning at Yankee Stadium.  I can confirm that since I was at that game...it was a Friday night to remember in the Bronx...the kind of night that said "Hey--this team might just win the World Series".  Of course that Yankees team was 67-42 after the win and by the way...Alex Rodriguez was 2 for 7 that night with a walk-off 2-run homer in the bottom of the 15th knocking in Robinson Cano...anyone miss them yet?
Here's Proof (Screenshot Courtesy of ESPN.com)

12. Derek Jeter eclipses Gehrig once again.  He recorded his 535th double in his career surpassing Lou Gehrig for 1st on the Yankees all-time list.  He didn't have an extra base hit in his last 68 at-bats.  Why is he retiring again?
Couple of First-Ballot HOFers!

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