Monday, August 25, 2014

Offense Stays Hot in 8-1 Win Over Royals

Michael Pineda tossed 6 1/3 innings of fun-to-watch one-run ball and the Jacoby Ellsbury/Derek Jeter duo combined for five RBIs tonight as the Yankees won a huge make-up contest, 8-1, over the AL Central-leading Royals. 

After Jeter knocked in this one's first run with a weak groundout in the top of the third, unfortunetaly, Pineda made his one mistake, surrendering a game-tying solo shot to Kansas City Third Baseman Mike Moustakas that easily cleared the right field wall.

Nonetheless, from that point on the Yanks' recently activated right-hander bounced back to make his overall performance likable, finishing up with just five total hits while striking out five, walking zero, and escaping a man-on-second jam in the home team's half of the sixth. 

No, those impressive numbers, Pineda's third consecutive ones since coming off the DL, weren't necessarily perfect, but since the usually-nonexistent-offensively Stephen Drew and the red-hot Martin Prado surprisingly took James Shields (6 2/3 IP, 6 ER) deep in the fourth and seventh and the Jeter/Ellsbury/McCann trio added three more late they did eventually prove good enough to get the W, with Ellsbury also collecting a two-run homer in the top of the ninth.


  1. James " Big game Shields ".....the Yanks kill this guy.
    Great win tonight. You never know.
    New York media is so anal. Except for Obama, they are so frightened to call him on anything.
    My say is inept ? Because he is black ? No, dick head, it is because he is inept !

    The New York media, was suggesting that KC would be too much for the Yanks, and the Tigers
    would drive the stake in. This media crowd loves the Mets. Anything normal / decent is taboo.
    Well, screw them...KC & Big Game, were blown away.

    Next up, the easy task. Forget what happened last time.

    Five in a row ! Great, lets go 13 of 15. That will stir up the cotton seeds ! ( Sorry, Ellijay )

  2. Say what you will patrick as long as we keep winning.

  3. The win last night was great because they gave D-Rob, Dellin and Warren the time off for the next games. We may (will) need them for this next set of games but, look at Dellin...he is a bit over used as it is, good thing he was a starter and will not be harmed by this many innings. Dellin and Warren, have been a bit more hittable lately because of the almost everyday use!
    Have a bit more patience, September is coming in a few days and we will have Refsnyder, Pirela, Serverino, Banuelos and Lindgren playing with the big boys. Severino may not come up because he is a starter and with Tanaka and Phelps coming back soon, it would be a waist of time and 40 man space.

  4. Sometimes the Yankees call up guys just to let them get their feet wet, see Derek Jeter in 1995 and Dellin Betances for most of 2013. I think he mopped up a game or two but that's it. I can totally see Severino coming up but honestly, and I hate it, I cant see NY making a 40 man roster spot for Pirela or Refsnyder. They should, but they don't have to yet.


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